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Published Work


 In addition to writing and illustrating picture books, I also write for older readers.  My fairy tale book reviews and guest posts have appeared on Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine.  Click the links below to read more about my published short stories and poems.

death 2

Death in Winter

When Death takes all she has, a young mother leaves her world of mittens and honey and sour cherry jam.  She undertakes a perilous journey to Death’s house to bargain for her daughter’s life.  But what could she possibly offer in return?

In: Frozen Fairy Tales from World Weaver Press.

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.





 All the Better small

All the Better

A girl, a wolf, and the scent of something savage.

In: Niteblade Magazine‘s All the Better issue.





  A Visit

  Mr. Pennyrake tells his children the legend of Krampus so they will behave the way he wants them to, and Mr. Pennyrake always gets what he wants. But does he get what he deserves?

In: Krampusnacht: Twelve Nights of Krampus, from World Weaver Press.





  The Curious Tale of Mr. Fox

  Against the advice of her family, Lady Mary accepts Mr. Fox’s proposal of marriage. For surely he can’t be the beast they all think him. But perhaps she had better just check.

Enchanted Conversation contest winner.






   No Harm in Tears

  What is the harm in a few green vegetables stolen from a neighbor’s garden? Much more than an expectant mother knows. But in the end, every mother must let go of her child, one way or another.

Enchanted Conversation contest winner.






The Man in the Green Coat

  A desperate soldier makes a bargain with the devil for all the gold he could ever spend. But we always want more, don’t we?

Enchanted Conversation contest winner.





Skeleton Woman

A lonely fisherman makes a terrifying catch. Is love stronger than death?

Enchanted Conversation contest honorable mention.





Red Cape

A mother, a daughter, a wood, a wolf, and the duty of letting go.

Enchanted Conversation Little Red Riding Hood issue.